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Ice Man is Heating Up Arcades

Mounted Cannons on Iceman
Mounted Cannons on Iceman
Ice Man, a new sit down video ticket redemption game by Coastal Amusements, has been making headlines for it's interesting and unique way it allows players to play and some other special features. The game is very similar to Plants Vs. Zombies, involves Zombies coming after the player and you must use your mounted water cannons to freeze them.

The mounted cannons fire a twelve-stream jet of water at the screen which freezes and destroys the zombies. The game uses a ranking system at the end of the game depending on how well you did after each of 6 scenes, which translate into tickets. It also features two Entropy ticket dispensers and two coin slots. Also features a huge amount of Led Lights in the cannons and the cabinet to attract the customers eyes.

The most interesting part of the cabinet is located between the cannons and the screen, it is a synthetic grass play field which sometimes releases a mist to add to the experience. The water can also be recycled through a UV filtration system. and the 42" LCD screen is kept behind a water barrier.

Ice Man is an interesting redemption game to say the least, and has already been shipped out to many arcades near you.


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