ICE Now Shipping Centipede Chaos

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ICE is now shipping Centipede Chaos.

First debuting at the Amusement
Expo 2019, the three-player video redemption games takes a new spin on
the classic Atari Centipede. Players must blast their way through 10
waves of insects to take on mini-bosses like the wasp, firefly and
beetle before they can verse the Mega Spider Boss. There are mulitple power ups through the rounds including scatter, shock, blaster and beam power-ups to assist players.

The Centipede Choas cabinet features a stunning 75 inch display with a LED-lit marquee above it. It includes mushroom-shaped seats that employ a rumble effect, helping to bring players into the action. The controls include over-sized, ball-top joysticks and a single fire button for easy gameplay, making it a great game for all ages.

The games can also be operated without a ticket-dispenser for amusement-only purposes.

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