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Incredible Technologies Help Troops Battle Boredom in Afghanistan

Incredible Technologies Help Troops Battle Boredom in Afghanistan
Incredible Technologies Help Troops Battle Boredom in Afghanistan
Being away from family and friends is bad enough. Add in a dose of danger and uncertainty and everyday is an ordeal. It's difficult for us back home to understand what the men and women of the armed forces face everyday thousands of miles from home. In most cases prayers that they return safely are all most of us can offer them.

That's why when a soldier in Afghanistan contacted Incredible Technologies, the company immediately recognized that it had an opportunity to take an active role in helping the soldiers overseas.

"We received an email from Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Martinez, a Connecticut Air National Guardsman with the 103rd Air Control Squadron (pictured) stationed in Afghanistan," said Bob Fay, Vice President of International Sales for Incredible Technologies. "The men and women in his unit really missed playing Golden Tee Golf and he asked us if there were any way we could help get a game sent over to Afghanistan."

Mr Fay met with his bosses, Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton, co-owners of Incredible Technologies, and they immediately agreed to send a game to Martinez's unit. "These men and women - when they're home leading normal lives - love to play Golden Tee," said Ditton. "Maybe this game can bring a little bit of normal back in their lives. Hopefully - for a little while anyway – it'll take their minds off the danger and the many problems they face everyday," he said.

When the project to ship the game to Martinez's unit was given the green light, Incredible Technologies employees took over. "We've shipped games all over the world," said Julia Lewis, IT's Customer Service Manager. "But we never shipped one to a war zone before. It was quite a challenge logistically to get the game there, but somehow we managed to get it to Sgt. Martinez. We couldn't be more delighted here in Customer Service," she said.

The Golden Tee game wasn't the only item in the care package sent by Incredible Technologies. "When the word got out that we were sending a Golden Tee game to our soldiers in Afghanistan, all the employees wanted to send something," said Theresa Traverso, IT's Manager of Human Resources. "So we all chipped in and bought a huge assortment of board games and sporting equipment - all the kinds of things we take for granted here at home - and shipped it along with the game. Everyone was proud to pitch in and help out. It was a real team effort," she said.

Sgt. Martinez said, "It's not an exaggeration to say that morale has soared since we received the generous gift. Back at home, we all play Golden Tee at our local pub. To have the game here reminds us of more relaxing times at home in the company of friends. Before we deployed, we joked about finding a way to bring a Golden Tee machine with, but we never dreamed that we would actually be able to get it here."

"The employees of Incredible Technologies wish to thank Sgt. Martinez and all the soldiers overseas who are fighting for our security," said Elaine Hodgson, IT's President and CEO. "We wish them well and pray that they return home safely."


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