Indie Virtual Reality Development RiftCycles Project to Show at Sapo CODEBITS

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Indie developer Luis Sobral - otherwise known as The Arcade Man - has created a hugely exciting virtual reality development called The RiftCycles Project which will show at Sapo CODEBITS. The project is an industrious and innovative combination of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headeset and a Light Cycle Simulator.

This is a unique arcade prototype that lucky CODEBITS visitors will get to try out for themselves. The use of the VR headset combined with simulator style control of the light cycle allows players to 'enter' the TRON world and enjoy a highly immersive experience. Players will get to particiapte in an epic light cycle battle, fighting in an arena with their bikes until 'deresolution'.

Currently, the RiftCycles Project is just the result of an innovative home project, but with exposure I'm sure there are many fans out there hoping it will get picked up for something bigger.

The RiftCycles Project is based on the cult phenomenon TRON, a sci-fi film that was first released in 1982, and was later remade in 2010 as TRON:Legacy starring Garrett Hedlund in the main role. It will be on show and playable at the Sapo CODEBITS event in the Hardware Den Thursdays April 17th.

News via The Arcade Man.

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