Is there Serious conflicts of interest within the British Amusement Trade Association

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It has been established this week that the President of Bacta - Simon Thomas, Director and Chairman Brian Meaden, Vice President Designate - Tim Batstone, and ATE Director - Roger Withers may have conflicts of interest with their association in Leisurehub.

The conflicts of interest have been caused by the investment of $6,000,000 into Leisurehub from Penton Media. They are a competitor to BACTA as they have run shows including International Leisure Industry week, that attracts a similar target audience to the London Parks and attractions show.

BACTA now have 4 of their top executives who all have a marked interest in the success of Leisurehub;

Simon Thomas is an investor adviser

Brian Meaden is an inverstor adviser

Roger Withers is an investor adviser

Tim Batstone is the CEO of Leisurehub

At a BACTA National council meeting last week one member asked - if the value of the ATE will not be damaged since Penton Publishing own Leisure industry week Leisurehub are the provider of the BACTA website.

There may be a call for all four members to stand down or relinquish their shares in Leisurehub.

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