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JAEPO 2015 Update - Exhibitors and Arcade Machines on Display

JAEPO 2015
JAEPO 2015
With JAEPO 2015 opening this weekend, exhibitors have gone into promotional mode, revealing what arcade machines we can expect to be on display at the show. Although most of the games seen here are for the Japan market, meaning we won't see many English versions of these machines for the West, it is still great to see what new machines are coming out in the Asian market and what's trending there in amusement.

We have quite a number of confirmed titles from many of the big factory names, so here is the following breakdown of what arcade machines we can expect to see from JAEPO 2015 this weekend:

Konami has actually released their full list of games that will be seen over the two days (some machines will only be on display for one out of the two days) and which will be playable and which will be stage machines. The titles include the following:

  • Beatstream; GITADORA Tri-Boost GuitarFreaks and DrumMania; Jubeat Prop and Jubeat Saucer Fulfill; Sound Voltex III Gravity Wars and Sound Voltex Generator - Real Model -; Quizmagicaca me; Disney ZamZam; Japan Pro Mahjong Federation certified Mahjong Fight Club Sai Wah; Karakorotta; Shadow Princess; Monster Strike MULTI BURST; Beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL; DDR; DanceEvoltion ARCADE; Pop'n Music Lapistoria; REFLEC BEAT Groovin'! Upper; and Mirajdagacki Ver. 2.

Konami will also be displaying their new Azov KONAMI e-money payment system, PASELI.

Taito has a few games to display, including Left 4 Dead: Survivors, Groove Coaster 2: Heavenly Festival, and an arfcade adaptation of the mobile game Wizrouge - Labyrinth of Wizardry. This new RPG, fantasy campaign arcade title will use 3D metal figurines to move around a maze of randomly generated dungeons and monsters. It makes sense to use the figurines as this is reminiscent of how the table top RPG style of playing. Taito also have a new payment system that will be on show.

Bandai Namco Games will be displaying many of the obvious games you would expect to see considering their huge 2015 release line up. Pokken Tournament, Tekken 7, Star Wars Battle Pod, Synchronica, Time Crisis 5, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, new Taiko no Tatsujin, and more!

  • SEGA
Sega will have a number of interesting arcade machines on display, including: Chuinithm, MaiMai Orange, their new fantasy multiplayer online battle arena game Wonderland Wars, Mushiking, KanColle Arcade, Border Breaj: Scramble 4.5, StarHorse 3 Season IV DREAM ON THE TURF, Gacha Mambo Jr., 100 Medals GINGAAAN!!, UFO Catcher 9, Cubic 4 Catcher (like UFO Catcher, but with 4 in 1 out), Picture is ~ out Sand (kid game where they must build a projected image using sand), and K-021 Mobile Infantry Ares (an arcad robot ride for kids.

Sega will also be showing the Capcom/Nintendo collaboration Luigi Mansion Arcade. There is no real understanding as of yet, as to why this is, but I guess all will be revealed at the show this weekend. Capcom is also supposed to be showing Crossbeats REV., but whether this will be part of their own booth (if they are having one) or also part of the Sega booth is yet to be seen.

Square Enix have confirmed their new battle arena game, School of Ragnarok, will be on show at JAEPO 2015. They have also teased a new game which will be unveiled at the show and have launched a website for the new game 'unknown' game. However the site teases the possibility of an arcade title based off Final Fantasy series, however the real question for most people is which final fantasy - some have suggest V as a possibility. Rumours of which FF have been further fueled by a new addition to the website - the black mage! Could this mean Square Enix is going right back to the start of the series for the arcade adaptation? I think Final Fantasy 1 is going to be my official guess, but check it out for yourself and see what you think!

More news to come after the weekend! Can't wait to see what comes out of JAEPO 2015!


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