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KONAMI Reveals Ambitious Expansion Plan, Gets Ready to Open New UK Office

KONAMI Reveals Ambitious Expansion Plan, Gets Ready to Open New UK Office
KONAMI Reveals Ambitious Expansion Plan, Gets Ready to Open New UK Office
Konami reveals ambitious expansion plan as the firm gets ready to open a new UK office in Windsor on April 1st. This office will become the firm's new head quarters, with the hope it will help prepare the company for changes in the games market.

In statements made to the press, Konami's Digital Entertainment GmbH President Shinji Hirano told MCV that the company wanted to focus on the needs of their customers and look towards the future of gaming in real interactive gaming. The new Windsor office was celebrated in a special event at Windsor Castle and was attended by Konami's founder Kagemasa Kozuki.

"The way we work is changing on a constant basis, and our relationship with users must grow closer... This is hugely important, and we need to understand their needs, and react to them to provide the service they require. With Europe being multi-cultural, we feel the UK is the best country to host a team that can cater for the demands."

Konami's HQ in Germany and original UK office will merge with the new Windsor office, and will take on board the firm's PES, Castlevania and European Digital teams. The new 7, 000ft location is based near rival publishers 2K and Nintendo, and will oversee South Africa, Nordic, Australia, and most of the UK.

The firm plans to retain it's office in Frankfurt, which oversees Central Europe and Turkey, but it is restructuring its regional responsibilities in France, Spain and Germany.

"We have very ambitious plans," said Hirano, "We are committed to preparing for evolutions in real interactive entertainment, and we will focus on understanding users and making our products and services bespoke to these needs. We want to build a stronger understanding of the needs and aspirations of each country, as Europe is unique in that each is very different from each other. The key to the new office is meeting these challenges... We envisage the UK base being the permanent location moving forward and are preparing for a very exciting future."


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