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Latest News from Japan

Latest News from Japan
Latest News from Japan
Sony Set PS2 Release Date for Europe

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced on August 4 that Play Station 2 would be released in Europe on November 24 in time for the Christmas season. A total of 40 titles will be available by year-end. The price of the console will be Stg299 in the UK and DM869 in Germany.

Konami Sub-Licences Jap. Baseball Rights to Sega

Konami announced on August 9 that it had agreed to sub-license rights to Japanese pro-baseball to seven other Japanese companies and was in negotiations with a further

five. The seven companies are Square, Enix, Ascii, Systemsoft Productions, Sega Enterprises, Now Production, Nippon Create.

Testosterone is in no short supply in the Japan game industry and it must have been a blow to Sega's pride to have to ask Konami for the license. The winds of change are a'blowin....

Jaleco Bought Out By HK Net Company

On August 10, the Hong Kong internet company Pacific Century Cyberworks bought out Jaleco for around US$1.8 million. By buying up a new share issue planned by Jaleco

for JPY379 per share, Pacific Century will become the largest shareholder in Jaleco. Pacific Century is headed by Richard Lee and its shareholders include Intel of the USA and Hikari Tsushin of Japan.

Capcom Vs. SNK Tourney in Japan

Capcom has released details on its website of a nationwide "Capcom Vs.SNK Millenium Fight 2000" competition in Japan. From mid-August, a preliminary round called "Early Circuit" in game arcades around the country. In mid-September, the preliminary round qualifiers will gather in Osaka and Tokyo for the finals. At the same time, a network championship using the Dreamcast will be held.

Special thanks to Manjiro Works.


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