Location, dates for 2017 Big Buck Hunter World Championship announced

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The location for the 2017 Big Buck Hunter World Championship has been revealed.

In a YouTube video released on April 27, the hosts of Twitch TV talk show Buckin' Around, Mike Colesworthy and Callum Fletcher, announced the city and venue where the 10th annual world championship event will be held.

The world championship will be held at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas between October 27 and 28.

Each year, the Big Buck World Championship brings the top players and fans together for a celebration of all things Big Buck.

It all starts with online qualifying tournaments, available on participating online Big Buck HD games across the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Online qualifying tournaments run from May 1 to October 1.

At the end of qualification, 64 players (59 American, 4 Australian, and 1 Canadian) will be invited to the world championship weekend.

The more you play in the qualifying tournaments, the higher you climb in the bracket and the higher chance you have at nabbing one of the 64 world championship spots.

A prize pot has not yet been announced, however it is expected it will be similar to last year’s figure of $100,000 (the largest prize pool to date).

For a seventh year, the ladies tournament will run alongside the world championship.

The ladies-only tournament is comprised of 32 players – the top 10 female US players and 22 female US wildcards.
The top prize is $5000.

Women can participate in both the women’s only tournament and the main competition.

At the world championships held in Austin, Texas last year, Melinda Van Hoomissen was crowned as the Big Buck Ladies Tournament Champion.

Two former champions, Chris Fream (2012) and Trevor Gartner (2015), squared off for the 2016 title.

It was the reigning champ, Gartner, who shot his way to victory.

Gartner walked away with over $20,000 in cash and prizes, the most bucks rewarded for first place in Big Buck history.

More than 82,000 fans witnessed the world champion take home the win on Twitch TV.

It is expected Twitch TV will again stream the world championship event.

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