Luna Park's Halloscream 8 to begin from Oct 25 to Nov 3

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Luna Park's annual Halloween event is returning this year to provide patrons with some spooky good times. Located in Sydney, Aus, Halloscream 8: Infinite Fear will run on selected nights between October 23 and November 1 for six nights.

Ticket holders will get access to three carefully crafted mazes in the Big Top, as well as unlimited rides throughout the night.This year's mazes include Outback Butcher, where visitors must keep away from the evil landlord; DecayMart, where wanders explore the mart while hiding from zombies; and Block 13, a prison filled with rioting inmates that visitors must find their way through.

Kicking off at 6pm will be a 'scaremony' led by the spooky puppet master, Mr Bowler. Zombies and prisoners will also roam the park throughout the night, spooking guests and adding to the overall vibe. Ticket holders can also visit Luna Park's Coney Island, which will be transformed inoto a creepy doll hospital now named 'Lonely Doll Island'.

You can get your tickets here for the event.

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