Medalist release Spectrum Fireball

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Medalist has released a new head-to-head table game, the Spectrum Fireball. Medalist previewed the game to operators and distributors earlier this year, with the company showing the product in Japan, London, Mumbai and Las Vegas.

"The initial response has been so amazing, and we are just getting started," said Medalist Executive Vice President Chris Peppard about the industry's reaction to Fireball. "It is a game we would absolutely buy for our route. Fireball offers everything we look for today when searching for that next opportunity: across the board appeal, minimal service, promotable and highly addictive."

"The concept of Fireball is simple," explained Medalist National Sales Manager John Lotz. "Players use a variety of shots to try and 'fire' the ball into their opponents goal. If unsuccessful, you must, in turn, defend your goal."

Medalist has also announced that they will begin designing support tools for operators, including tournament and league promotions, to ensure a long-term return on their investment.

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