Mega Man Celebrates 30th Anniversary With New Animated Series In 2017

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2017 is the 30th anniversary of Capcom's hugely popular Mega Man arcade video game, and will also be the year that Dentsu Entertainment and Man of Action Entertainment releases a new animated Mega Man TV series.

Man of Action Entertainment, creators of Ben 10 and the Big Hero 6 comic, who have also worked on Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble for Disney XD. These credentials alone are enough to get a retrogamer excited!

This is not the first time Mega Man has been turned into a television series. There was a two season animated series in the mid-'90s, which was produced by Ruby-Spears and Capcom, as well as an appearance in DIC Entertainment and Saban Productions' Captain N: The Game Master in a supporting role.

The entertainment company is working with Dentsu Entertainment to produce a 26 episode run for the new animated series and is (at this stage) expected to release in 2017.

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