New VR Experience from EVE Online Developer, CCP Games

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A new VR experience from the EVE Online developer, CCP Games, was showcased in Iceland’s Fanfest recently. The virtual reality experience is called Project Arena.

Project Arena, also referred to as Brawl after the game mode available to play, is a multiplayer virtual reality experience and is only at the proof of concept stage so far.

CCP Games is hoping exposure for the project will attract the right kind of attention to allow them to turn their proof of concept into a full release game and commercial venture.]

The game is a one-on-one game, with players standing at either end of a long corridor – shield on one arm and disk-launching gauntlet on the other – and they hurl disks at each other, getting a point for each disk that hits their opponent. Players must try to dodge and block disks, while launching their own.

The project uses the Oculus Touch motion controller and VR headset. The Touch tech is lightweight and allows players to see their hands in virtual reality and it has been reported that the mirrored motion in game is almost seamless.

Sigurdur Gunnarsson, a VR software engineer working on Valkyrie, said, “As a big VR fan, I think this is just the beginning. We’re going to look back at the technology we have now and it’s going to look ancient. We want to continue on this path and hopefully be at the forefront of it."

“I would like a slightly higher resolution. Reading text is an issue. I’d also like a wider field of view.”

Gunnarsson also commented on where he thinks where virtual reality technology is heading for the future, “VR will go big when you get things on it that appeal to everyone,” he says. “Travel applications where you can preview your holiday destination. That kind of thing. But I think the biggest killer app will be a social one. Being able to talk and interact with people in VR, like the Skype of the future.”

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