New Mario Party Arcade Game Testing In Japan

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A new Mario Party arcade game is the first piece of news we’ve heard since Nintendo published their 2016 plans earlier this year. Hot on the heels of Luigi Machine, Capcom and Nintendo have teamed up once again to develop Mario Party Fushigi Challenge – now testing in Japan.

It will be the fifth Mario Party game, from the successful Japanese arcade redemption series which includes other titles: Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party Catcher , and Mario Party Whirling Carnival.

Unlike past Mario Party arcade games, Fushigi Challenge is a medal game that seems to put gameplay itself over actual redemption properties. There is little information known about this machine at this stage, other than what we can see in the promotional image, which shows a 6 player machine.

Like previous Mario Party machines, it’s unlikely we’ll see this one outside Japan.

More updates to come as they become available.

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