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New Software Allows Saved Scores on Seperate Cabinets

Pinball House. Image: Pinball News.
Pinball House. Image: Pinball News.
Pinball House, a development by Spanish company Allplay enables the saving of cabinet scores for at home and multi-site tournaments. The new system was recently showcased at the TMAP tournament in Madrid. The new product, which boasts two different versions; the Home model and Pro model, both come with a hardware controller box that saves and tracks information from the game. This means at home users can save and track their scores through their Pinball House account, holding tournaments on their own machine and versing different people. The Pro version allows tournaments to be played in any location or machine, as long as the players have a Pinball House account.

The major differenece between the two software is the ability to verse people who are playing on different machines, as opposed to the scores achieved on the one machine you have played. Buying the system gives players an 18 month Pinball House subscription, which they will need to pay to be renewed once this time has elapsed. Approximate pricing for the home system is $896 including the monitor and intergrated webcam. The Pro model will be around $1077.

For more information on Pinball House, please visit Pinball News.



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