New Trailers For Luigi Mansion Arcade And Cytus Omega by Capcom

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Capcom has some new arcade machines releasing soon and in anticipation has posted new trailers for Luigi Mansion Arcade (coming out this month in Japan) and Cytus Omega, a music and rhythm game (release date TBA).

We heard about Luigi Mansion late last year and saw it unveiled at JAEPO during the Sega booth, and Cytus Omega was announced back in February following the trade show, however, since then both Capcom and Sega (who is somehow involved with Luigi Mansion Arcade) have been very quiet, letting other releases take the centre stage.

Now, five months down the track, Capcom has released two new trailers, one for each of the machines, and we finally get to see a bit more of what these games have to offer.

The first trailer is for Luigi Mansion Arcade, which we first heard about in November and which had been penciled in for a June/July release (though it looks like the officialm release month will be July). The trailer showcases more game play and different levels that will be in the game, giving players a better idea of what to expect. Watch below:

You can also chekc out Capcom's official website for Luigi Mansion Arcade for future updates.

This second trailer is for Cytus Omega, the music and rhythm game based of the Rayark Inc. mobile gaming app, and is part of Capcom's newly intensified focus on the music arcade machine genre. Music and rhythm games have become increasingly popular in different parts of the world, but particularly the Asian markets. Capcom will start distributing this game to arcades in Japan as "CYTUS Ω" sometime this year, although the release date is yet to be announced. The trailer doesn't show much, there is no game play footage included but the music in the video could be an indication of the kind of genres to expect from the game. It mostly is just a hype trailer and the video looks pretty cool, so check it out below:

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