Ninja Trainer Arcade Has Been Officifally Recognised by the Japan Ninja Council

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Ninja Trainer Arcade, the new darts game for arcade revealed by Dartslive at JAEPO 2020, has been officially recognised by the Japan Ninja Council. Based on the Ninja Trainer shuriken dartboard, the arcade game trains the player's shuriken throwing skills and "aims to provide the best ninja experience ever".

Ninja Trainer Arcade features a translucent dartboard with an LED display used to show the targets. Players take aim using soft material shurikens, and compete with each other for the highest score. Even though the shurikens are made from soft material, the dartboard has been designed for that they stick.

Ninja Trainer Arcade features several modes, including one that plays like traditional darts, one where you have to hit the targets, and one with moving targets across the screen. There is also a multiplayer mode where players aim to take areas with their throws, including their opponent's areas.

The game has been officially recognised by the Japan Ninja Council, who
plan to use it for their national shuriken-throwing competitions. Ninja
Trainer Arcade is also expected to show up in Japanese arcades somtime
in 2020.

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