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Plants vs Zombies - Mallet Whacker ticket Redemption Game Now Available for Shipping

Plants vs. Zombies - Mallet Whacker Cabinet
Plants vs. Zombies - Mallet Whacker Cabinet
Following the The Last Stand, SEGA announced last week that their latest instalment with the PopCap Games license, Plants vs. Zombies™ – Mallet Whacking Ticket Redemption Game is now available for shipping.

“This is a terrific twist on the classic whacking game theme,” said Sales Manager Vince Moreno. “Player sees zombie, player whacks zombie!”

This game is designed for kids and young players, perfect for family entertainment centres, which is increasingly becoming the focus within the amusement industry. Players use a “Peashooter” mallet to repel the wave of 6 pop-up zombies. The more zombies they hit, the more points they score and more tickets they win!

“Plants vs. Zombies™ Mallet Whacking Game earned 3 times as much as other mallet whacking games during game testing,” continued Moreno. “It was placed in a location with another late model mallet-whacking game and set at the same price per play. I believe Plants vs. Zombies got much more play ‘because of the theme.”

Plants vs. Zombies Mallet Whacking Game features include:

• Ticket Redemption
• Optional Capsule Dispenser
• Digital Scoring
• Familiar Arcade Gameplay

The Mallet Whacker occupies a compact size of 30” W x 30” D x 78” H, lending itself to banking multiple units together or creating a PvZ-themed area by installing it with a Plants vs. Zombies™ The Last Stand Vid-Demption game. The small foot print means it can fit into tighter spaces and give operators more room for other machines .

Both The Last Stand and the Mallet Whacker games are now available for immediate delivery.

News via: Sega


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