Pokken Tournament Announces Release Date, Added Charizard And Weavile

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Pokken Tournament finally announces the Japan release date for the highly anticipated arcade machine, which will hit Japanese arcades on 16th July, and they have added Charizard and Weavile to the fighting roster just in time for the release!

The launch will be covered by a Nico Nico live stream, filmed from Lazona Kawasaki Plaza (6pm-8:30pm Tokyo Time), the same mall that held an event for the game earlier this year. With this, it announced the two new fighters (Charizard and Weavile) and two new support characters as well - Jirachi and Whimsicott - who will be available as support characters for those who use their Bandai Namco Passport Card before July 31. With the previous support characters (Emolga and Fennekin, Lapras and Snivy, plus Eevee and Frogadier), that’s a total of 4 sets.

There have been a number of new videos released since the beginning of the month to keep players on edge. Below is the game's opening trailer, published on the 3rd of July:

Then we have the below Pokken Tournment footage showing various fights competing against each other, including Charizard and Weavile going to head to head, also published on the 3rd:

This next video is the Charizard character trailer and he looks pretty hard core, you even get to spy his Mega evolution:

And lastly, we have Weavile's character trailer and this pokemon also looks pretty intense, especially with those epic claw moves:

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