Pokken Tournament Information Release During Livestream January 23rd

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Bandai Namco Games will release information concerning Pokken Tournament on January 23rd during a livestream event.

Fans of the Tekken and Pokemon franchises (and seriously, who isn't?) have been eagerly awaiting information on the game. Since the announcement trailer was released last year teasing a 2015 release and featuring Lucario and Machamp battling it out, Nintendo and Namco followers have been most keen for the roster, with many filling the gap by guessing which pokemon are best suited and which they would love to play.

The Nintendo collaboration allows players to play as actual pokemon for the first time, as opposed to being a trainer commanding a pokemon. Using pokemon fighters and Tekken motion mechanics, Bandai Namco has created one hyped up game!

There is no confirmation on what information will be released concerning the game, but here's hoping it is in fact a roster, or, better yet a release date. The only way to find out is to head to the stream page, and wait for the updates.

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