Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Edition to be Released by Andamiro

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Andamiro is set to release its newest Pump It Up game, Pump It Up XX (20th Anniversary Edition). The newest game is offered in Andamiro's LX cabinet with a 55" display to allow the HD graphics to pop, along with a wall of sound provided through 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers. The new brillant light show is sure to upgrade any location and build revenue and player loyalty with A.M. PASS card (PIU Login).

The new software package comes with multiple upgrades including new user interfaces, new songs, worldwide game play, new charaters and linking with previous machines. The new Pump It Up 20th Anniversary game is also available in upgrade kits for cabinet versions FX (42"), CX (43") and TX (55"), along with the current LX (55").

- Extensive Music Library with FREE Updates Every 2 Months. This Update includes 100+ Songs
- Linked with PIUM & PIU H5
- Online Matching System Allows Players to Match Up Game Play with Players Worldwide
- Enhanced User Interface and Convenience with more than 100 Reward Titles and Renewal for the Level of Song Difficulty

- Brilliant Light Show Upgrades
- 4 Speakers and 2 Subwoofers
- HD Graphics on a Giant 55" Screen
- A.M.PASS Cards accepted (PIU Login)

You can view Andamiro's teaser video here.

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