Sega's Border Break Scramble Version 4.0 Now Availble

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Sega's update Border Break Scramble Ver. 4.0 is now available. It was made available on the 17/18th April and features a new death match mode called "Scramble", which allows players to compete alone against 10 other participants. Players can now face Gina, a new boss enemy of the Union Battle. Many other features have been modified to improve the game, including new special status that allow to change strategy on the battlefield.

The Scramble 4.0 version has a range of updates for players to enjoy. This includes battle features such as Scramble mode, updates with the Nyudo crystal, search operations, and out-of-area battle.

There is also an updated ranking system called Scrambled Ranks. It records your performance in the scramble battle, and will be reflected in the "scramble rank" rather than a regular class.
Rankings give players "scrambled rank points" which can be used to go up in ranks and earn rewards for player dedication.

Check out the full range of updates at the Official Border Break Scramble website. Also, below is the opening movie released by Sega at JAEPO to showcase the update:

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