Sega Europe hold their Summer Distributor meeting at the Epsom Derby

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Sega Europe took advantage of their close proximity to the famous Epsom Derby to hold their distributor meeting at the races last Friday.

Whilst the weather was mixed we understand that a good day was had by all, the distributors took the opportunity to see the latest Sega offerings which were :

Star Wars Pod Racer in the Twin version

18 Wheeler U/R

Cosmic Smash- Breakout style game

Nascar Deluxe - European name to be decided

The general feelings on the games were that Sega may struggle with the Star Wars but the 18 Wheeler U/R looks to be a good single site piece and should hit some respectable numbers.

On the new Naomi Breakout type game the jury is still out although the idea is very good putting a new spin on a well proven game.

The Nascar Deluxe - this game drives slow and does not seem to have the bells and whistles needed to hit the heights, but the cash box will be the true test.

We hear that there is a new Naomi game in the wings that is looking very good is themed on Golf.

In the ensuing race to scoop the Sega UK distribution it seems that Cromptons are now firm favourites but that the decision has not yet been confirmed officially.

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