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Sega to Bring Kantai Collection to Gamers with KanColle Arcade

KanColle Arcade Cards by Sega
KanColle Arcade Cards by Sega
Sega has announced it will bring the popular Kantai Collection series to gamers in the arcades with KanColle Arcade.

In KanColle Arcade it is the players job to organise the their fleet using real trading cards to destroy enemy fleets. The Fleet Girls, naval ships represented as female girls, will be rendered as 3D models and actual trading cards will be dispensed by the machine.

The Sega team is aiming to formally launch KanColle Arcade in Japan this summer and opened the website for the upcoming location tests which should be starting in the next 48 hours.

Sega will hold the location tests for the KanColle Arcade between January 23 and 25. The company will accept applicants for the tests between Wednesday and Friday. No money is needed to be accepted to the location test, although money will be needed to play the game on the machine itself. The tests will be held at Club Sega Akihabara in Tokyo.

There already appears to be quite a bit of hype surrounding the game, and there will be more updates about the game as the location test wraps and changes are made leading up to the official release.


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