Sega Lego Proposal for Mini Arcade Machine Replicas

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A unknown person going by the psuedonym SpacySmoke has created a proposal on Lego Ideas to build mini replicas of arcade driving machines from Sega.

The proposal states, "These minifigure-scaled repicas will look good displayed on your desk at work or home and are perfect for use in your Lego city."

The replicas machines built so far include Space Harrir (1985), Out Run (1986), and Thunder Blade (1987). "All modelsfeature interesting building techniques, detailed stickers/prints, multiple screen tiles/bricks to show dfifferentscenes from each game, and are scaled to Lego minifigures as best as humanly possible."

There are also minifigures included in this proposal with a generic male and female fan, and a minfigure Yu Suzuki - the famous Sega game developer responsible for games such as Space Harrier, Out Run, Hang On, and After Burner. Also responsible for the Virtua Fighter series and fan-favorite, Shenmue.

The project is currently sitting at 1915 supporters and needs 10,000 in total in order for the Lego Group to evaluate it and decide to make it a real set or not.

The proposal does not have licensing from Sega for the replication of their machines/games as of yet, which could be a potential let down if Sega is uncooperative.

You can check out the proposal at the Lego Ideas page.

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