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Sega Roll Out New Line Up

Sega Roll Out New Line Up
Sega Roll Out New Line Up
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Sega Enterprises, Inc. (USA), (SEU) invited its frontline distributors to their San Francisco headquarters to showoff the fall product lineup and to introduce new Internet based services.  Also revealed was Sega's new distributor policy, one that focused on the "partnership" relationship the company wishes to foster between itself and it's distribution network.

"This meeting was the culmination of several months of intense effort and focus made by the entire Sega staff and our distributor partners," stated SEU President & Chief Operating Officer Al Stone.  "Judging by the reaction of our guests, the hard work was well worth-while."

About Product Introduced

Sega displayed four new titles on the conference room floor and two on video. On hand and ready for play were EA Sports -NASCAR Arcade Deluxe, Strike Fighter Deluxe, WWF Royal Rumble and Alien Front Online.  Videotape presentations included Confidential Mission and Crackin' DJ.

EA Sports NASCAR Arcade Deluxe, a one player licensed racing simulator brings all the excitement and adrenaline of a Winston Cup Race into your location. Players can choose from three NASCAR tracks and over 30 NASCAR drivers competing in the cars that they drive every Sunday. 


Strike Fighter Deluxe puts you in the cockpit of a Marine Corps F-18 Hornet battling a variety of aggressors both in the air and on the ground. In -depth game play allows players to choose from three different missions, Training, Desert Fire, or Red Rock.  Each Combat Mission has multiple levels that let the player choose the next mission.  Bonus levels challenge players flying skills with aerial refuels and carrier landings.


WWF Royal Rumble, a four-player licensed wrestling game lets you and three friends pick from over 30 of your favorite WWF star and fight each other in a no holds barred match to the end.  Players choose a tag team partner that's computer controlled.  When a player gets fatigues, his partner jumps in the ring to lend assistance.

Alien Front Online lets players choose between being an attacking Alien Triclops or an Army tank commander in a fight for planetary control. Up to eight players, (four against four) can compete from eight different locations in real time.  They can even talk to each other via a control panel mounted microphone.  Perhaps the most impressive feature of the game is that it can do all this through a standard phone line utilizing a 56K built in modem.  Operators won't need a high-speed DSL or ISDN line to connect their Alien Front Online to other locations across the country.

Confidential Mission, a two player gun game places the player in the role of a top secret agent whose mission is to rescue a high level hostage and transport her to safety.  Along the way, you'll be confronted with a variety of "bad Guys" and obstacles sure to challenge the best game players.

Crackin' DJ, a two-player DJ simulator allows players to test their DJ prowess.  A control panel mounted turntable and three buttons lets players add the sizzle to a thumping back beat of hip hop songs.

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