Sega Sponsor Indie Developer Contest ‘The Arcade Jam’

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Sega Sponsor Indie Developer Contest ‘Arcade Jam’

Sega’s United Kingdom branch are sponsoring an indie arcade game development competition called ‘The Arcade Jam’. The competition is officially presented by The Arcade Vaults and has a cash prize of £2000. However, the incentive doesn’t end there, as participants will have their game judged by the industry giant, Sega Amusement International, as well as having the chance to have their design made into an actual arcade cabinet, ready for production. 

The Arcade Jam is shaping up to be a much needed boost to the indie arcade game development scene, with the Sega partnership potentially decreasing the barrier for entry which is difficulty and cost of distribution for budding indie game developers. 

The Arcade Vaults are taking registrations for The Arcade Jam from March 5, 2022 here:

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