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“Skill Games” The Next Gen of Gambling?

Some of these games include shooters (Danger Arena by GameCo)
Some of these games include shooters (Danger Arena by GameCo)
Some Gambling Operators have been showing a great amount of interest in skill-based games. These games (which are more like video games) are targeting a younger market of gamblers, who would rather be more involved than just pull on the arm or push a single button.

These games include Shooting games, puzzle games and racing games; determine player payouts based on ability and chance. Some of these skilled based gambling games have been used in Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos and some Cruise Lines. Some companies in the United States have begun to look into avenues of expansion internationally.

GameCo Inc. one company looking to expand, describe their machines as “Video game gambling machines” and they claim to be the world’s first to bring these machines to Casino floors. Some of their games include a basketball game, some first person shooters and bubble poppers and some licenced material from Terminator and a collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki. They also Claim that they have the same return-to-player as most slot machines. They are looking to grab the attention of Hardcore and Casual gamers with their selection of games.

GameCo - The VGM from GameCo Admin on Vimeo.

GameCo’s CEO Brian Grayboyes, stated in a recent interview with esportsinsider.com, “At GameCo, we’re also actively advancing expansion in Latin America, the U.K., and the Netherlands, as well as speciality markets such as cruise ships”

Some Gambling establishments have already started to worry about a drop off of people using the more traditional machines. This could be what operators might need to attract brand new crowds.

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