Stern Pinball Released Video Walkthrough of Spike Electronic System

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Stern Pinball has released a video walkthrough for their Spike Electronic System which has first appeared in their WWE Wrestlemania pinball machine, and is currently the leading pinball technology.

The new system was launched back in January during the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and suceeds the company's longtime S.A.M. architecture.

"The modular nature of the system will allow game designers to embrace new technologies to evolve the game of pinball," said George Gomez, Stern's executive vice-president of product development. "Experienced players will recognize a more engaging overall game experience and quickly appreciate the enhanced illumination effects and higher quality sound," he predicted.

Chairman and chief executive Gary Stern said, "SPIKE is the latest step in our ongoing program to leverage technological advancements to improve the game for all segments of our customer base. Commercial customers such as operators and location owners will be particularly well-served by SPIKE."

The video, published on the 24th June, walks you through the changes to SPIKE from the S.A.M. system and how this will benefit the design of Stern's pinballs, expressing "The SPIKE Pinball System is a rugged, distributed and embedded platform, custom designed for the rigours of the pinball machine environment. SPIKE takes adfvantage of current technology to deliver an immersive pinball experience, that supports modern features, reduces cabling, and increases servicability and reliability."

You can watch the video below to find all the technical and design features of the new system:

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