Stern Releases Custom Accessories For The Walking Dead Pinball Machine

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Stern releases some cool custom accessories for The Walking Dead Pinball Machine - as if we weren't excited enough for this machine as it was.

In response to market demand, Stern is now offering unique, game-specific accessories that further enhance the appeal of its pinball machines and enable pinball fans to customize their games to suit their personal tastes.

The Walking Dead accessories include:

● A fish tank topper full of three fully detailed zombie heads designed and sculpted by Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead. The topper is accompanied by game-integrated lighting that attracts players and adds zombie ambiance to any room!

● An authentic zombie head shooter knob that adds tactile art to a player’s first interaction with the game!

● Custom-designed, artistic inside-panels that add dimension to the pinball playfield area!

● Blood splattered side-armor that further enhances The Walking Dead pinball experience!

“We didn’t think The Walking Dead machine could get any better but now we have four custom-developed accessories that take your zombie apocalypse experience to a whole new level,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball. “We are thrilled to offer these new, exclusive Stern accessories to our fans and are excited about all of the great future accessory products that are in our pipeline.”

The highly anticipated machines are currently available and these accessories are a great opportunity to get your hands on a truly unique machine, fit for fans of the game and the show!

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