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Stern Releasing Ultimate Spider-Man Vault Edition Pinball Machine

Stern Releasing Ultimate Spider-Man Vault Edition Pinball Machine
Stern Releasing Ultimate Spider-Man Vault Edition Pinball Machine
Stern has made their first 2016 product announcement and it’s sure to make many fans pretty happy – the Chicago based manufacturer has announced they will be releasing an Ultimate Spider-Man Vault Edition pinball machine.

For anyone out there not aware, a vault edition is a re-theme of an older table design. The 2016 machine will be based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series, which follows Stern’s original Spider-Man pinball machine released in 2007 based on the Sam Raimi’s films, starring Toby Maguire.

Reports are saying the essential gameplay in the new release will stay largely the same as the 2007 release (layout of the ramps, targets, pop bumpers and other features remains the same as the 2007 Spider-Man pinball machine), with many of the changes being mostly aesthetic. The cabinet, playfield and backglass art will all change to reflect the comic series, with art by Mark Bagley being pulled directly from the comics. While animations on the dot matrix display have been redone to match the theme, as have the toys.

The game modes have been changed to reflect events in the comics, and the voice actors have re-recorded all the sounds and dialogue from the game to match, plus there have been two new songs added to the original pinball soundtrack! Not to mention all LED lamps for long-lasting brightness.

Stern's Director of Marketing at Stern Pinball, Jody Dankberg, told IGN that when they brought up the idea of a Spider-Man reissue with Marvel it was Marvel's idea to "make it more Marvel than Sam Raimi's Spider-Man." He adds, "It's been transformed into a comic book world, so the layout and the colors are very similar, and all the images and stuff are ripped straight out of Ultimate Spider-Man."

In the new art Spider-Man seems to be as much of a theme as comic books themselves. According to Dankberg, even the new animations reflect Spider-Man's comic origins, "[The display animations] are in the vein of the comic book style ... panning around still images and stuff like that." The game's back glass art even depicts Spider-Man fighting Doctor Octopus, complete with comic style speech bubbles.

The new Ultimate Spider-Man Vault Edition pinball is one of 7 titles the company is working on at the moment. More updates to come as they become available.


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