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The Korea Attraction Fair 2020 to be hosted by JM Company

The Korea Attraction Fair 2020 to be hosted by JM Company
The Korea Attraction Fair 2020 to be hosted by JM Company
The Korea Attraction Fair 2020 for the domestic revitalization of the amusement and tourism industries will be hosted by JM Company. Co., Ltd. For 4 days from April 16 to 19. It will be held at BEXCO.

With the recent increase in GNI, the demand for leisure activities has increased and people's interest in domestic tourism has increased. As the domestic leisure industry develops, the new phrase "Work Life Balance", meaning the balance between work and life, appeared.

At the Korea Attraction Fair 2020, you can find theme parks, multicultural facilities, amusement facilities, kids' cafes, leisure activities, and lodging.

The Korea Attraction Fair 2020 is scheduled to be held at a total of 450 booths in agreement with not only domestic companies but also overseas agencies and media partners. The exhibit items are 1) Theme Park Zone, 2) Water Park Zone, 3) Digital Park Zone, 4) Kids Park Zone, 5) Play Zone, and the 6) Payment & System Zone.

The first 3 zones (Theme Park Zone, Water Park Zone, and Digital Park Zone) feature 4 levels of technology - 4G, 5G, AI, IOT, and VR / AR. Kids Park Zone features playgrounds and vocational experience halls, while the Leisure & Activity Zone " has everything related to hobbies such as zip lining, luge, and mountain biking. The Play Zone sells toys, figures, and costumes, and the Payment & System Zone covers everything related to booking and entry payment. Inside, there will also be a "food zone" with finger foods, desserts, snacks and kiosks that will soothe all your cravings.

Overseas buyers who usually do not go to Korea will also visit Korea Attraction Fair 2020 are also showing great interest, so companies that export overseas will have great opportunities for business. Early discounts and volume discounts are available for exhibitors, so don't miss out on your chance!
There are also various events for visitors. There are:
  • Pre-registration events
  • Cafe and SNS events
  • Sharing and profile events using Plus Friends.
The on-site events are on-site sharing events, which are held daily. There will be an event they will prioritize the 500 visitors, first-come-first-serve, and prizes will be given.

As this is the first attraction industry exhibition held in Korea, this exhibition provides new business opportunities and is expected to satisfy all exhibitors and visitors by providing various and diverse sights and experiences that visitors cannot see anywhere else.

You can apply for the Korea Attraction Fair 2020 through the Secretariat, and there is also free admission through the official website. The exhibition will be open from 10 am to 6 pm. For more information and events on the Korea Attraction Fair 2020, visit the official website



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