Village Roadshow Leisure Install Intercard iWave Readers at Intencity Centers

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Village Roadshow Leisure Pty. Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of Village Roadshow Limited, recently selected Intercard Inc. to install its iWave Readers in the company's eight Intencity game centers in Australia.

The first of the eight locations to receive the iWave Readers will be Marion, South Australia. The electronic system has alreay been trialed at this location and received positive feedback on the transition to electronic tickets.

Brion Cummings, National Business Manager for Intencity, is excited to move forward with installations at Intencity's seven other locations: Epping and Sunshine in Victoria; Albury, Erina, and Glendale in New South Wales; Morayfield in Queensland; and Hobart in Tasmania.

"Moving to a card system was an easy decision, and with our multiple locations, working with Intercard's centralized database was the only choice," said Cummings. "We look forward to linking all the Intencity locations with a single card. The centralized database will allow us to manage all of our locations from the corporate office, and run consolidated reports for all locations. We chose to use the new RFID readers, as it will allow us to use NFC with smart phones in the future."

"Working with Village Roadshow has been a pleasure, and we're excited to move forward with the additional locations," said Jerry Heinz, Intercard's Asia Pacific Sales Manager. "Their team has been very proactive in setting up the system, as well as educating their guests on the use of a card system and the switch to electronic tickets."

The move definitely makes sense in an Australian setting. Creating a centralised system for all locations and moving to a e-commerce payment system reflects the changes in Australian cash spending and handling over recent years​, which has increasingly moved towards electronic commerce.If the switch is successful, other operators may follow Intencity's example.

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