First for VR - the Virtual Reality Awards 2014 to Stream Friday 28th November!

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In VR news, there will be the first annual Virtual Reality Awards 2014 which will be streaming live from Riftmax Theater on Friday 28th November. The event is solely dedicated to virtual reality and aims to recognise the efforts of developers working with VR technology.

This follows a storm of developments after the release of the Oculus Rift DK2 which has had developers across the globe excited and working hard. It's these efforts the VR community is looking to recognise and further encourage with the awards show.

Road to VR broke the news, saying "This night will celebrate the very best in VR development and shine a light on the industry as a whole. With thanks to the Riftmax development team the event will be hosted live within VR on a custom stage. A virtual award will be presented to the winning developers who will be welcomed onto the stage to say a few words about their achievement. Think of this event like the VR Oscars but with geeky humor."

The 2014 event will be streamed live through YouTube, Twitch, and Hitbox with special live screenings in Riftmax which you can attend. There will also be after-show events where you can meet the developers and VR personalities.

The show will be co-presented by Reverend Kyle, host of the Rev VR podcast and member of the Road to VR team, and Sandra Whelan, the Irish voice of

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