Wonderland Wars Adds Little Red Riding Hood To Character Roster

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Sega adds a new playable character to their Wonderland Wars roster and it's none other than Little Red Riding Hood, although she will be known and played under the name Scarlett!

The new character was added on June 25 and is voiced by Ayane Sakura. The character is a tall, lithe platinum blonde woman with red framed glasses and dual wielding some seriously deadly daggers! And of course the iconic red riding hood to top it all off.

Other characters represented in the game so far include Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood among others, and more characters are to come!

This tower defence game pits two teams of four against each other and the goal is to destroy the opponent's castle. The cabinet features a touch screen and a vintage fountain pen stylus.

The players move characters using the joystick, while the pen is used to activate skills and attack enemies, and characters gain experience to level up by destroying their opponents hoards and main characters.

The official Wonderland Wars website has been updated with the latest character and even features the announcement trailer as an automatic pop-up video on the site. You can watch this promotion video, which also introduces her special skills, below:

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