Zero Latency To Design Player Versus Player Action in Virtual Reality Arena

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Zero Latency is Melbourne’s free-roaming virtual reality arena and has been making waves in the gaming community with their zombie apocalypse mission scenario, and now the company is gearing up to design a player-versus-player experience!

Zero Latency has officially teamed up with Cisco to design a multiplayer, player-versus-player battle game that will put thirteen players to the test. Players will have to rely on their reflexes and strategize in real time as they compete in head-to-head competition in this unique and innovative virtual reality experience!

Most games in the North Melbourne arena have been running 6 to 8 people playing cooperatively at any one time, however, this new 13-person version will get more players into the gear and in the arena at once for more fun and challenging gameplay!

The company announced the update on their Facebook pages in early July and the response from players and would-be players has been largely positive. The company shared a thank you message in their announcement:
“13 Player PVP? Yes please.
This was a complete blast. The dream has always been Massive Multiplayer FRVR. Thanks to everyone that is helping make that a reality; our staff, our customers and the people that help spread the good news.”

Zero Latency have also posted a video of the player-versus-player game mode in action, which has no reached over 14,500 views on Facebook alone! You can check out the video for yourself over at their Facebook page.

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