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Theme Park Expo Indonesia 2014

Hours & Event Dates :

Thursday 2nd October, 2014. 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday 3rd October, 2014. 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Where :

Jakarta International Expo

Categories :

Amusement, Gaming, Vending, Parks and Rides, Conference
The Theme Park Expo Indonesia 2014 is a fantastic opportunity for international and doemstic investors and potential business partners to become part of a growing industry.

Due to the emergence of the growing middle classes in Indonesia has seen an increase in theme parks. New lifestyles marked by patterns of consumption have made the proliferating amusement venues profitable and attractive as recreation goals with attendance hitting 108.7 million people in 2012.

Indonesia’s theme parks tend to be hybrids, combinations of themes and attractions. These can be bewildering mixtures of animal enclosures and educational exhibits with a sudden rollercoaster or water slides appearing.

These impressive modern parks have endless variety; Park Jatim 1 in Batu East Java, is a museum/ zoo/ theme park/ amusement park. Park Jatim 2, also in Batu, is an educational museum/ waterpark/ theme park. Another Batu offering, the Eco Park, is a museum/ bird zoo/ amusement park. Even the famous Taman Safari near to Jakarta combines attractions as a zoo safari/ theme park/ amusement park.

Many of the designs seen in Indonesia are partly modelled on European or western styles, which are not immune to expressions of ideology within both the architecture and exhibits, particularly in museum or educational components.

The show incorporats 4 major Events:

Waterpark Expo Indonesia
An international exhibition on waterparks construction, water technology and equipment

Kiddy Playground Expo Indonesia
An international exhibition on Kiddy Playground construction, technology and equipment

Rides Expo Indonesia
An international exhibition on theme park and amusement rides

Arcade Games Expo Indonesia
An international exhibition on Arcade and interactive gaming machines in Amusement centres

Quick Link : For the official site Click Here Show Organizer : PT Megawatt Asia
Organiser Notes : Tel: (+62-21) 711-22-770
Corporate Website: www.megawatt-asia.com
Email: enquiry@megawatt-asia.com

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