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Product Name Category PCB Type Manufacturer Year
Across the World Self Redemption Machines Sammy 2005
Go Go Cowboy Self Redemption Machines Sammy 2005
Extreme Hunting Arcade Machine Shooting Games Atomiswave Sammy 2004
Dirty Pigskin Sports Games Atomiswave Sammy 2004
Faster Than Speed Driving Machines Atomiswave Sammy 2004
Prize Party Vending Machines Sammy 2004
Trophy Hunting Shooting Games Sammy 2003
Maximum Speed Driving Machines Sammy 2003
Sports Shooting USA Shooting Games Sammy 2003
Revolution II Slot Machines Sammy 2002
Treasure Fall Medal Machine Token / Medal Machines Sammy 2002
Club Rave Self Redemption Machines Sammy 2002
Wing Shooting Championship Shooting Games Sammy 2001
Mighty Driver Ticket Redemption Machines Sammy 2001
Turkey Hunting USA Shooting Games Sammy 2001
Music Arena Vending Machines Sammy 2001
Pokemon Catch Vending Machines Sammy 2001
Bingo Arena Vending Machines Sammy 2001
Key Catcher Crane Machines Sammy 2000
Magic Mr. X Ticket Redemption Machines Sammy 1994
Coin Circus Coin Pushers Sammy 1994
Simple Simon Ticket Redemption Machines Sammy 1993
Seychelles Arcade Cabinets Sammy -
Sammie the Amazing Jumping Dog Self Redemption Machines Sammy -
Keroppi's Playground Ticket Redemption Machines Sammy -
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