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Product Name Category PCB Type Manufacturer Year
Evil Night Shooting Games Konami M2 Konami 1998
Dirt Devils Driving Machines Sega Model 3 Step 2.1 Sega Corporation 1998
California Speed DX Driving Machines Atari Seattle Midway Games 1998
Crazy Fight Video Games Subsino Co., Ltd. 1998
Cool Gunman Shooting Games Namco Limited 1998
Bang Shooting Games Gaelco SA 1998
Beast Busters Second Nightmare Shooting Games Hyper Neo 64 SNK 1998
NFL Blitz 99 DX Sports Games Midway Seattle Midway Games 1998
Aleck 64 System Video Games Seta Corporation 1998
CyberLead Cabinet Arcade Cabinets Namco Limited 1998

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