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CountryUnited States

About the Manufacturer

Originally called MTL, Inc., Arachnid was incorporated in early 1975 by then-owner Rudy Allison. As MTL, the company was producing balloon inflators. The course of the company changed, however, after a trip Allison made to Ireland showed him how enjoyable the game of darts could be. If darts were enjoyable, they could also be profitable.

Allison came back with a rough idea for a dartboard that could accept cash, which was refined by a young man named Dick Jones, who was working for MTL at the time. Jones, now one of the longest-standing employees of Arachnid, began further developing the machine, even going so far as drilling the first dart heads by hand! He took rough ideas for the board, darts, and scoring mechanics and innovated the basic scheme that Arachnid and its many imitators still use today. Mr. Jones and another employee named Lee Ping were granted Arachnid's first patent.

By the mid-80s, a flourishing Arachnid was assisting distributors and operators, setting up leagues and tournaments and holding seminars.

During this boom of electronic games sales, Arachnid began to concentrate on marketing internationally, and began its own tournament, the world renowned Bullshooter Tournament. The first Bullshooter took place in Chicago in May of 1986 featuring four events, $25,000 in prize money and over 1,000 entrants from around the U.S. Later that year, Arachnid introduced its highly successful predecessor to the Galaxy: the Super 6.

The Galaxy framework was a breakthrough in league management that allowed remote stats collection via phone line, putting Arachnid in position for AMOA's "Most Played Dart Game" award for a total of 6 years. It is this same basic technology updated to today's standards that is now being employed in Arachnid's latest project, the BlackWidow.

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DiscGlo Shuffle Arcade Machine

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Contact Details
OfficeUnited States
Address6320 Material Ave Rockford, Illinois 61111 USA
Phone+1 815 654 0212
Fax+1 815 654 0447
Web Addresswww.bullshooter.com

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