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CountryUnited States

About the Manufacturer

Bringing the power of the Internet to the entertainment industry. Ecast offers customers a large, highly scalable entertainment network with the rollout of innovative initial product, the Siren System.

Ecast's Siren System provides the only technology platform for delivery of Internet based digital music, games and e-commerce tailored for individual restaurants, bars and other out-of-home venues.

The Siren System's extensive library of music and games and the latest Internet content empowers consumers with unprecedented selection, while delivering both existing and new recurring revenue streams for the entire distribution chain.

The Siren System's networked floor, wall-mounted jukeboxes and accompanying counter top units are equipped to accept multiple payment methods such as cash, credit/debit/ATM.

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Contact Details
OfficeUnited States
Address250 Montgomery St Eighth Floor San Francisco CA 94104
Phone+1 415 277 3500
Fax+1 415 956 8161
Web Addresswww.ecastinc.com

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