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Inflatable 2000

Inflatable 2000

CountryUnited States

About the Manufacturer

Our mission statement at INFLATABLE 2000 is not only to give you the best product for your money, but to give you the safest product as well.

We take that extra step to design and build our inflatables with the end-user in mind. For example, we build our bounce houses with an inflatable ramp in front, so children can't fall out of the unit. It also allows easy access into, and out of the unit. Our boxing ring has a larger perimeter than any other, so if a person were to fall through the ropes, they would land on the inflatable mat, and not a hard surface. The Gladiator Joust has a 12" retaining wall around the entire perimeter, to ensure that players stay in the arena when nudged off the podium.

We are the only manufacturer that will custom build your inflatable to your exact specifications; whether it be color, size, shape, theme or any other unique feature. Submit your ideas to us, and we'll help transform them into the perfect creation.

Contact Details
OfficeUnited States
Address207 N. Aspan Unit #6, Azusa, CA 91702 USA
Phone+1 626 969 7780
Fax+1 626 969 4480
Web Addresswww.inflatable2000.com/

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