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Mass Networks, Inc.

Mass Networks, Inc.

CountryUnited States

About the Manufacturer

Mass Networks, Inc, develops, manufacturers and distributes e-mail kiosks that send video and photo e-mail over the Internet.

Mass Networks is headquartered in Boxborough, Massachusetts, a suburb west of Boston, Massachusetts, one of the most vibrant Internet software development centers in the United States.

Mass Networks' mission is to capitalize on the new era in electronic correspondence by allowing individuals to communicate through video rather than impersonal typewritten dialog.

By packaging readily available PC-based multimedia components into an automated kiosk, Mass Networks provides users with the ability to easily and cost effectively send video and photo e-mail messages to friends, relatives and business associates from public locations around the world for a flat fee per transaction.

On a ongoing basis, Mass Networks will add additional innovative Internet related features and functions to the e-mailbox tm in order to pique the interest of the passerby and keep the product exciting and unique.

Contact Details
OfficeUnited States
AddressP.O. Box 631 Acton, Massachusetts 01720 U.S.A.
Phone+1 978 263 1770
Fax+1 978 635 5319
Web Addresswww.videoe-mail.com

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