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Metro Games

Metro Games

CountryUnited States

About the Manufacturer

The Metro Games company specialises in, and manufacturers touchscreen games. They try to deliver original games, not available on other machines, such as Timeshock Pinball - the most realistic video pinball simulator around. This game, as well as their other games, make perfect use of their patented front console (containing trackball, joypad, and side flipper buttons). They offer the option of choosing your method of gameplay.

In addition to the wide variety of exciting games and versatile gameplay currently available on the System 2000, they are constantly working on new and original games. Soon you will be able to compete against players on other machines using their Metro Link game challenge network. Games for the Metro Link will include many of their most popular games, such as Picture Perfect, Major Trivia, etc., but they will also include new and innovative games specifically designed for challenge network gameplay.

With their new Metro Link games, you will be able to challenge your friends to action-packed sports like baseball, football, horse racing and soccer; thought-provoking board games such as battleship and chinese checkers; and fun-filled card and tile strategy games like Big 2, Shanghai and Mahjongg.

Latest Product
New Metro Games 2000
New Metro Games 2000

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Contact Details
OfficeUnited States
Address310 Windsor Drive, Oak Brook, IL 60523 U.S.A.
Phone+1 630 572 1268
Fax+1 630 572 1346

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