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Micro Sova Co., Ltd

Micro Sova Co., Ltd


About the Manufacturer

Micro Sova, established in 1995, has been dedicated to creating the most advanced platform and graphic technology for 3D Virtual Reality video games. In fact, R&D exploration into 3D system technology began with Micro Sova's predecessor, H. M. Company, as early as 1993, and Micro Sova has been turning cutting edge ideas into reality ever since.

Micro Sova announced "Mirage 1", its first 3D system platform for an arcade game in 1995, becoming one of the very few organizations in the world with this comprehensive technology.

In 1997 Micro Sova bettered itself with the introduction of "Mirage 2". With the astonishing graphic quality, simple software-upgrade capability, and full-spectrum player-linkage ability, a new standard of excellence was set for the entire amusement industry.

Applying the advantages of "Mirage 2", Micro Sova has created some exciting video games and integrated them with the finest game arts and most advanced motion simulation technology. While Internet users are anxious for 3D tech on the web, Micro Sova has started constructing its VR world on the web.

The "i3Dbox" that provides a full software package of 3D web development technology will help to make current web sites design more of three-dimension and more interactive. Micro Sova has set up its objectives of being an Internet Technology Provider with its 3D engine technology and i3Dbox Internet technology and, also, an Internet Content Provider by launching more interactive online amusement contents in the stream of electronic business.

Latest Product
Lucky Dice
Lucky Dice

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Contact Details
Address12F, 491 Ming Cheng 2nd Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 813, R.O.C.
Phone+886 7 556 3263
Fax+886 7 557 3262
Web Addresswww.microsova.com.tw/english_website/microsova_english.htm

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