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CountryUnited States

About the Manufacturer

All Neonetics products are hand made by our neon artists and offer you the highest quality, lowest priced neon art for the home. The units are totally safe with hermetically-sealed tubing surrounding the inert neon gas. They operate on very little electricity (about the same as a 40-watt bulb) from a very efficient U.L. listed power supply, and require no special electrical outlets of wiring.

Because of its expense and limited colors, neon has been used exclusively for almost a century in commercial signs and architectural lighting. However, with the advent of smaller, more economical power supplies and a wider range of colors (including pastels) Neonetics can offer you neon art and lighting with prices and styles geared for the home and designer market.

Products include neon art (such as sculptures), neon clocks, neon posters, novelty lamps, neon light sticks, and more.

Contact Details
OfficeUnited States
Address9631 B Liberty Road Randallstown MD, 21133 U.S.A.
Phone+1 410 521 1962
Fax+1 410 521 1543
Web Addresswww.neonetics.com

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