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TrioTech Amusement Inc.

TrioTech Amusement Inc.


About the Manufacturer

TrioTech Amusement is a leading manufacturer of motion-based platforms for the amusement industry. TrioTech and its partners have created the most technologically advanced motion actuator system in the world and maintain exclusive rights for its deployment in the amusement and entertainment industries. Since 1999, TrioTech has developed award-winning products and gained recognition on an international scale. Founded by Frederic and David Lachance, and Ernest Yale, TrioTech is based in Quebec, Canada, with R&D facilities in Montreal and several sales offices across the U.S. TrioTech's product line boasts its flagship product Mad Wave Motion Theater, a two-seat coin-up ride simulator holding up to six different ride experiences, Ballistics, a fully interactive motion-based game system and one of the biggest earners on the market today, the XD Theater, a multi-seat motion simulated thrill ride with 3D films, and its latest driving simulator, Wasteland Racers 2071.

The TrioTech Team includes some of the best hardware and software engineers, coin-op industry veterans in Sales and Marketing, as well as the best creative minds in the business. Triotech continues to innovate by bringing new products into the market and will still continue to revolutionise the gaming industry with out-of this-world motion simulators and games.

Latest Product
Typhoon Simulator Arcade Machine
Typhoon Simulator Arcade Machine

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Contact Details
Address190 Des Industries, Lavaltrie, Quebec, JOK 1HO
Phone+1 450 586 5009
Fax+1 450 586 0299
Web Addresswww.trio-tech.com/

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