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Forest of Magic - New Video Redemption Game

Added: 07-May-14
Running Time: 3:56
Views: 8644 Total
Forest Magic is a new arcade video redemption game available from www.arcade-game-sales.com , featuring gameplay unheard of on other video redemption arcade machines.
A player first buys a number of credits with coins, then determine how many credits each of their shots will cost, which is indicated by a number on the bottom corner of their play area. This number is used as a multiplier for any points scored in the game.
Players use the frog face spring control to determine the power of their shot which is indicated on screen by an arrow, in an effort to try land their ball in the frog’s gate. A ball receives a small amount of points for destroying toadstools (which take a number of hits to grow then destroy). If the player gets the ball to the frog he throws it, making the three circles spin. If the circles land on 1-3 of the coin piles, or 3 of any other image, their shot power number is multiplied by the number assigned to that graphic which a player receives as credits. For instance, if the player has a shot power of 20, and the spinning circles land on three jewel rings, which have a multiplier value of x50, the player will receive 1000 credits.
Some graphics start a feature, which grants a player more powerful balls or bonus games which will enhance the player’s multiplier (for instance if you get three princess faces you get a shot at the middle circle bonus game, where you can get a treasure chest that grants a hefty multiplier such as x100 or x250!)
When a player has had enough they may press the pay out button to pay out their credits in whatever way the machine is set to, such as coins or tokens.

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