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Bandai Namco Tekken 7 Tested in Japan, Time Crisis 5 Confirmed and New Star Wars Game On Show at NYCC

Tekken 7 Promo
Tekken 7 Promo
Bandai Namco Games have loads of exciting games news for arcade fans over the last week, including, Tekken 7 tested in Japan, confirmation of Time Crisis 5 and a new Star Wars licensed game for NYCC!


Bandai Namco Games confirmed on their site in an announcement for "autumn new product business meetings NAMCO BANDAI Games 2014" that the next in line in the TC series - Time Crisis 5 - is, in fact, a reality. This is amazing news for fans of the series, as the last Time Crisis arcade release was back in 2006 with TC4. You can check out the webpage (however, be warned it is mostrly graphic and can't really be translated online, but if you can read Japanese you're fine) for more information.


This week New York Comic-Con will open it's doors to fans of popular series and cult fandoms in the Big Apple, and one thing that is really exciting for all the potential arcade goers present is Bandai Namco's unveiling of heir newly licensed Star Wars game!

At this stage, the company will be limiting the unveiling to press only, so whether or not fans will actually be able to take a sneak peek at the machine or not is in doubt right now. Also, not much is known about the game at this stage, however after the unveiling at NYCC, more details will begin to emerge. Speculation has already begun as to the design and kind of machine the new Star Wars title will be and if it will have any connection with previous Star Wars games, however, as I said, nothing much is known right now - BUT watch this space for more information as it becomes available!

News via: Polygon


The other piece of exciting news from Bandai Namco games is that they have just finished up testing the latest Tekken instalment - Tekken 7 - in Japan this weekend. The game has been popular while on location with footage surfacing already.

With testing over and out of the way, we are a step closer to a new Tekken game! This is exciting for arcade lovers everywhere, as even the limited releases of Tekken games have reached the West, so this is one arcade game everyone can get hyped for.

If you would like to check out the moves chart (and can read Japanese), you can check them out online, and you can also check out the video below (posted to Youtube by Abdul-Ghaffar Allaf) for graphics quality and game play:

News via: Arcade Heroes
Image via: Bandai Namco


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