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Konami Released Trailer for Castlevania Pachinko Game & Test Tsum Tsum in US

Konami Released Trailer for Castlevania Pachinko Game & Test Tsum Tsum in US
Konami Released Trailer for Castlevania Pachinko Game & Test Tsum Tsum in US
So there are two major pieces of Konami related news at the moment: The first is that the company has released a teaser trailer for their new Castlevania pachinko game, titled Erotic Violence. The second piece of news is that their Disney Tsum Tsum Arcade game is on location test in the US right now!

Erotic Violence - Castlevania Pachinko Game

Erotic Violence is based on the Castlevania series. The trailer doesn't really show anything specific about the game, there some vague fighting-esque scenes and a brief glimpse of the iconic '777' slot image, but otherwise mostly just a showy glimpse of characters - still worth a watch though.

Pachinko games are a type of slot machine that is a popular form of gambling in Japan, and can be found all over Japan. The reason being is that cash gambling is illegal in the country, and pachinko serves as a loophole by letting players win balls that can then be exchanged for prizes/cash at a separate location.

As everyone is probably aware by now, gambling is a big part of Konami's business, so much so that the company is heavily involved in the Las Vegas scene and has helped influence Nevada legislation, such as the new laws introduced this year allowing skill-based gambling machines in casinos (which the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers heavily lobbied for and whose president happens to be the Chief Compliance Officer of Konami's gambling division).

This is likely only the beginning and we will probably see more of this happen with Konami series, considering what a strong foothold they have in the gambling industry. Check out the video for Erotic Violence below:

Disney Tsum Tsum Arcade Machine Location Test at Round1 USA

The Disney Tsum Tsum arcade game by Konami was introduced to Japan earlier this year and is now on location test in the Round1 USA Puente Hills arcade location, though it will be finishing up in the next 24 hours (3rd August). With a Disney license on the game, and the fact that it gives prizes, it makes sense to at least try the US market.

The game is a two player, competitive game in which players must compete against each other, matching the Tsum Tsum Disney characters, connecting 3 or more in a chain. You can score more points by connecting longer chains and also by connecting quickly. The game can be played in either single player mode or versus mode.

The aim of the game ultimately is to gain experience through playing and then level up your Tsum Tsums. Players will be able to save their progress using a Konami e-Amusement Pass.

The game uses actual Tsum Tsum charms to play (round little plush versions of the Disney characters), which can be purchased at the centre of the machine for $5 (this cost also includes a game) or you can just play the game for $1. There are rare charms as well such as an all pink Mickey or Minnie.

Tsum Tsum characters include Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen, Stitch, Toy Story Alien toy, and Winnie the Pooh.

Below are a couple of fan videos of the game from the US location test, which you can watch to get a better feel for the game:

Watch this space for futher updates!


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